Great accommodation options in Iceland

Where to stay in Iceland

Most tourists who have visited Iceland often narrate their experience as a memorable one as Iceland has many wonderful outdoor activities like hiking, sailing, fishing etc. The natural scenic beauty of Iceland is best experienced during the peak season. Though Iceland does serve unconventional food it is still listed highly as a must visit place by many travellers.
Many tourists often end up spending a major amount of their money on accommodation to reduce spending it is advisable to book in advance. There are many good hotels and hostels in Reykjavik.

It is practical to avoid the tourists seasons which is from June to August. Since there will a large number of tourists in this season the prices of the hotels and hostels will be considerable higher when compared to the prices in the off season.


Accommodation options in Iceland – where to stay in iceland

It is crucial to remember that Iceland does not have hotel chains all around. The good hotels are located only in the cities if you are looking to travel to the villages and interior parts of Iceland then you should be prepared to stay in a hostel or a farmhouse even. Although the facilities are decent it is quite common to share a bathroom with other guests.


  • Hotels in Iceland
Where to stay in Iceland

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Most travellers often choose to stay in a hotel due to the various amenities that they offer to their guests. Large hotels are known for providing luxurious accommodation while smaller ones offer decent amenities and lower prices which attract a majority of the guests.
101 Hotel – This hotel is located in downtown Reykjavik and is popularly considered as a hip hotel. The minimalist designs and décor of the hotel convey elegance and the wide range of facilities are aimed at providing comfort to the traveller.
Hotel Glymur – Many guests often choose to stay at this hotel as it is conveniently located between Borgarfjordur  and Reykjavik. Guests have the opportunity to spend a romantic and memorable time as the hotel offers outstanding views of the beautiful landscapes.


  • Hostels in Iceland 

If you are travelling on a budget and are willing to experiment with your accommodation options then the best choice would be to stay in a hostel. Iceland has many different hostels which offer basic facilities though you might have to share a bathroom with others. Many of the hostels have free Wi-Fi access making it a effective way to communicate with your family and friendly without having to spend a lot of international calls.
Outside the capital city it is quite common for some schools to be converted to hostels during the peak tourist season.


  • Rental Apartments

If you are very keen on staying in the city during your trip then it is a good idea to go through the rental apartment listings as they are often cheaper than staying in hotels. An apartment which has a basic kitchen is a boon for the tourist as he can whip up simple meals for himself thereby eliminating the need of spending money every day for dining out.
Tungata 32 – In Reykjavik Tungata 32 is a popular t for many tourists as this apartment is located in the city itself allowing the tourists to spend a great deal of time exploring the city. The tourists can just walk around from the apartment to the city centre or to the harbour as the apartment is located in the centre of the city. The rent charged is £50 per night and is considerably lower than the cost of staying in a hotel.


  • Bed and Breakfast in Iceland

Bed and Breakfast is another cheap option for the budget travellers visiting Iceland. Most of the bed and breakfast places offer similar facilities as in a 2 star hotel ensuring a comfortable stay for the guests.
Volcano Hotel – This bed and breakfast joint is a cosy place as it has just 7 rooms for its guests. This highly recommended place is located between black sand beach, Vik and Myrdalsjokull glacier. Staying at this hotel is a good option for tourists who want to spend a day glacier hiking. The prices of the rooms vary according to the season therefore it is essential to book your room in advance. In the off season, a private double room will cost around $130 per night and is inclusive of attached bathroom and breakfast option.


  • Camping in Iceland

As Iceland has wonderful landscapes there are a great number of wonderful camp sites where the adventurous tourist can camp out in the open. Many of the campsites which are located in the hostel premises offer good accommodation options to the campers if the weather turns bad.
The camp sites in Iceland are often considered to be the best as the facilities offered are truly world class. Most camp sites charge around 7 euro per night making camping the cheapest accommodation option. It is a wise idea to also book your rental care and basic cooking gear in advance to further cut down your costs. Also remember to pack proper camping gear and basic equipment to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


  • Stay at a Farmhouse

Another wonderful accommodation option is to stay at a farmer’s house in any of the villages. Experiencing the rural setting firsthand is a valuable experience that many tourists are eager to experience before opting to stay at a farmhouse do remember to hire a car as public transport is only available in the cities.

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