Blue Lagoon Iceland – Destination With An Unforgettable Experience

Blue lagoon Iceland

Reaching Blue Lagoon in Iceland from the KEF Airport or Reykjavik is very convenient. You will find a variety of modes of transportation especially for tourists. It will not take more than 20 minutes from the airport to reach Blue Lagoon while the ride from Reykjavik to the lagoon takes around 40-45 minutes.

From the Keflavik International KEF Airport, you can avail the well-organized bus tours, taxis, or rental cars for arriving at blue lagoon Iceland. From Reykjavik, you can catch a bus to the lagoon from the Reykjavik Main Bus Station.

You can also book a taxi offered by travel companies, which will pick you from Reykjavik or the KEF Airport and drop you off at Blue Lagoon. In case you wish to enjoy the ride and admire the natural beauty at your own pace, you may opt for car rental service.

Information guide to blue lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a vast expanse of geothermal spa. It is a lava field located on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The lagoon houses around six million tons of soothing water. This water actually originates 2000 meters beneath the ground and is brought to the surface of the earth through man-made efforts.

Entry into the lagoon is allowed only after you have taken a shower at one of the public showers. This measure helps in keeping the lagoon fresh for every tourist. The lagoon is open round the year.

– Why visit it?

Iceland is generally associated with snow-laden landscapes. However, the Blue Lagoon Iceland offers a different kind of treat. Be amazed to discover an outdoor all – natural spa surrounded by lava caves bellowing steam.

Visiting blue lagoon Iceland becomes indispensable because of the variety of health and emotional benefits the destination offers. As the water comes straight from the depths of the earth, it is loaded with minerals, salts, blue-green algae and silica. These elements are believed to possess therapeutic powers.

The view of the lagoon is spellbinding. The color of the water is frosty blue. However, this term is an oxymoron because the temperature of the water always fluctuates between 37 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius. With the other Icelandic and North European locales forcing you to cover your body head to toe, this destination provides the perfect atmosphere for the body to relax.

A visit to the lagoon is one-of-a-kind holiday experience that you can gift to your family, friends, and yourself.
– Relax just the way you want

Despite being visited by so many tourists as well as native travelers all the year round, you will never find the lagoon crowded. Its vastness accommodates every tourist. Moreover, with the presence of lava caves around it, you will have plenty of spots to enjoy perfect solitude.

– Pamper your body with the gifts from mother nature

When on a holiday, the idea of being closer to the nature is the most fascinating one. The lagoon has a reservoir of natural mud, which has been collected in boxes and provided complimentary to the tourists.

As you relax, just smear the mud all over your body and enjoy its calming effects. The mud causes your muscles to loosen up and your nerves to tranquilize. Many tourists have experienced an increase in the level of energy and general well-being after applying this mineral-rich mud at the wonderful blue lagoon Iceland.

– Get personalized treatments

The Blue Lagoon offers a host of personalized treatments. Hire the services of a professional masseur. The massage takes place on a mattress floating in the lagoon water. The combined effect of the massage strokes and the warmth of the mattress are invigorating for the mind and body.

– More excitement

The picture-perfect lagoon water is not the only attraction that you will enjoy at the blue lagoon Iceland. The lagoon also houses a splendid waterfall, which has the same properties as the lagoon water. Just stand under this waterfall and feel the water caress your neck and back. This activity will relieve your body of stress and negativity.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Interesting facts about blue lagoon Iceland

– Surprisingly, this destination with numerous natural benefits is not totally a natural creation. The Svartsengi power plant, which produces electricity, is responsible for the existence of this magnificent piece of water body on earth. The plant, after producing electricity, pumps the excess water into the lagoon.

– The lagoon is only over a decade old. It was opened in the year 1999. However, its popularity is so high that it seems to have been present for many years now.

– The mesmerizing effect of the blue lagoon Iceland starts even before you reach this fascinating destination. The vapors seem like a bunch of freely floating clouds, which provides an ethereal preview of the lagoon.

– The vapors coming out of the water presents one of the most enthralling views. Submerge yourself neck deep in the water and watch the lagoon during the sunset.

– The first dip in blue lagoon Iceland will find your mind and body echoing that it is the perfect bath of your lifetime. The warmth of the water just captures the senses and this feeling lingers on until the end of stay in the lagoon.

– The rewarding effects of the Blue Lagoon Iceland mud have become so popular that there is now a huge range of related products. These items have the same natural minerals and salts as the mud. Purchase them and experience rejuvenation everyday right at your home.

– It is never winter in the blue lagoon Iceland. Even in the midst of the coldest months of January and February, you can happily float in the lagoon water. You will also find heavy vapors over the water body, which gives the lagoon a breathtaking view.

Moreover, exclusively during the winter, the scenic beauty of the lagoon is enhanced manifold. The sunsets and sunrises are worth a watch. With the sun spreading golden hue all over the lagoon, the destination looks nothing less than perfect.

The lagoon water does not only relax your body but it also has properties that help in curing skin ailments like psoriasis. In fact, with a view to finding more benefiting usage of the water, the blue lagoon Iceland funds a Research and Development facility.

Author Kristinsson Th.

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