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Blue Lagoon Iceland

If you going to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, prepare to have a great time. The geothermal waters are located in a lava flow. There are several different ways to get there. The Blue Lagoon is located about 45 minutes from city of Reykjavik an 20 minutes from the international airport at Keflavik.
The first way is by a tour bus. There are several tour bus companies in Reykjavik that will transport you to and from the blue lagoon.
Your luggage will be stored on the bus for safekeeping. Another way to get there is by car. There is plenty of parking and your valuables can be left in the trunk.

Locker Are Provided In Blue Lagoon Iceland

Entrance prices to the Blue Lagoon Iceland start at 30 euros and increase depending on different packages selected that include food, drinks, massages and skin treatments. Bathing suits, towels, sandals, and bathrobes can be rented or you can bring your own items.
Large lockers are provided and are big enough to hold a suitcase. Your admission bracelet will open and close your locker and can be used to purchase items such as food, drinks, skin care products and massages. Bring a plastic bag to store your wet clothes when you leave.

Shower Before Enter The Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue lagoon IcelandThere is a changing room with instructions on how to use your bracelet and your locker. Before entering the beautiful blue waters of the Blue Lagoon Iceland, you must shower naked in either a group shower or individual stalls with doors. Don’t worry. You may shower in private if you choose. Soap and hair conditioner are provided. One of the unique features of the lagoon water is the high level of silica. This is good for your body but rough on your hair. It is best not to put your head underwater and to use plenty of conditioner when you shower after your relaxing bath.

It is never too cold to enjoy the Blue Lagoon. The water temperature is always between 98 – 102 degrees F. The waters make your skin more sensitive so if it is sunny outside, sun block is advisable. The deepest water is 5’2″ but most of the water is very shallow. The bottom is uneven but smooth. Lifeguards are provided for additional safety along with security cameras. Diving is not allowed and a very relaxing atmosphere is encouraged. Children under 14 get free entry and children under 8 must wear inflatable armbands that are provided by the spa. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Facial mud is provided in large buckets around the Blue lagoon. There is also a waterfall, a grotto and chairs to sit on around the perimeter. Certain pockets of water are hotter than other areas so search around to find your favorite temperature. Cameras are encouraged and the pictures of the surroundings are beautiful.

Extras At Blue Lagoon Iceland

Now for the extras. There are several restaurants that offer modern gourmet dining or quick bites to go. One of the restaurants is built into the side of a lava cliff. Alcohol is served in the restaurants. The skin care shop offers products made from the geothermal waters of the lagoon. There are several different types of massages. The most popular is the in water massage which last about 30 minutes and a special silica oil is used. There are also massages for pregnant women and children. The world famous clinic is renowned for offering treatments for psoriasis patients.

For a once in a lifetime experience, visit Iceland and the Blue Lagoon Iceland. The silica waters are highly invigorating and relaxing. For special services please book ahead.

Author Kristinsson Th.

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