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Car Rental Iceland review

So you wanted to obtain a car rental service in Iceland. Yet, you are unsure where to rent a car. Good thing that you came across on this review article. Read on as we talk about few vehicle rental providers around Iceland.

The following are car rental Iceland service providers.

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Holdur – Europcar
On their 45 years of services, there is no doubt why Europcar is tagged as one of the best car rental Iceland. Europcar has more than 2300 vehicles and has 15 rental branches around Iceland. Choose from their wide options of 4×4 vehicles, luxury cars, cargo vans, campers, motorhomes, minibusses and passenger cards. Wherever you are in Iceland surely, Europcar can give you the vehicle that you needed. Moreover, they provide personal and superior customer service to each of their clients. This company also has ISO9001 and ISO140001 quality and environmental standards certifications. Continue reading

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Great wonders of Ring road – Route 1

Ring road Iceland

Route one is commonly known as the ring road. This is an 830 mile (1.339 kilometers) road which takes you right around the beautiful coast of Iceland. If you are in a great mood for adventure, you can hire a vehicle and have a personal exploration of the area. However, it is good to make use of the tour groups and guides because you will not miss a single sight around the amazing highway Iceland.

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Iceland winter, Spring, Summer And Autumn

Why Iceland is the Best Travel Destination

You have heard about magic, haven’t you?

Are you aware that seven out of every ten people find it hard to decide a travel destination for their holiday? The world offers a wide choice of places for holiday and many people are usually confused about where to go.
It is during this time that people will start looking for travel magazines and reviews, to try and identify a perfect place for hanging out. That should not be a big deal, anyway. Have you ever been to Iceland? Well, simply put, do you know why Iceland is rated among the best places for holiday?

Iceland is situated in the North Atlantic

It is an island north-west of the UK and close to Greenland’s eastern coast. It is home to some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, and stunningly desolate landscape. One of the most crucial factors that most people check before traveling is the climate. The climate here is just of the best. It presents a lot of different experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Continue reading

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Iceland – Nature’s phenomenal Bliss


Iceland is a perfect mixture of culture, history and nature.
The geothermal lakes, the scintillating scenery, the enrapturing bliss of the midnight sun, the colourful cities and the astounding wildlife bring glory to this marvellous island country.
You must visit this splendid destination at least once in your lifetime. It is undoubtedly one of the top wonders of the world.

Where Is Iceland

Iceland is a mystical island country located in the northern part of Europe. This divine blessing of nature is situated in the midst of the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans. The main island is located in the southern part and the sparsely populated island of Grimsey lies on the northern coast. This second largest European island is approximately Continue reading

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Iceland Culture

Iceland Culture

Iceland was the last country in Europe to be settled, and to this day, remains the continent’s most sparsely populated states.
An island located in the middle of the North-Atlantic, the country was settled by emigrants from Scandinavia and the British Isles in the tenth century, and due its location, remained an isolated nation of mostly farmers and fishermen until the early twentieth century. Continue reading

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The Icelandic Sheepdog: History, Breed Characteristics and Temperament

Icelandic Sheepdog

The Icelandic sheepdog, affectionately known as the “Icie,” did indeed originate in Iceland. They are becoming more popular outside of their native land, especially in America. The American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 2010. Breed recognition means that not only can Icelandic sheepdogs compete in AKC-sanctioned shows, but that there is a thriving population in the United States. Continue reading

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