Icelandic Clothing Brand – Top Ten

Icelandic Clothing brands

Top Ten Icelandic Clothing Brand

Icelandic clothing brand make it a point to create clothes that capture the style of Icelandic clothes. Since Iceland is an extremely cold place, the clothes are mostly woolen sweaters, handmade sweaters, hooded sweaters, woolen scarves and caps, etc. The wool used in these clothes are uniquely from Iceland. The women there have made a hobby out of knitting clothes. This is what Icelandic clothing brands are aiming to achieve with their products.


icelandic clothing brandsNikita One of the most popular Icelandic clothing brand is Nikita. It was founded by Heida Birgisdottir and her friends a decade ago. Heida is also the brands’ head designer. They started as just a streetwear store in Iceland but they now have over 1500 stores worldwide. They have several online dealers as well. Visit Nikita website Like Us on Facebook Continue reading

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Icelandic clothing brand – Best Of The Best

Icelandic clothing brand

Icelandic clothes and Icelandic clothing brand in apparel have become well known worldwide for excellent quality and durability. Icelandic brands such as 66 ° North, Cintamani , ZO-ON, Gust, Gestný Design, Henson , Nikita, EMAMI, Farmers Market – Iceland, E-Label, etc. Continue reading

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