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Iceland Air – Flight to Iceland Review

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Iceland is among the biggest tourist destinations in Europe. It is popular for its icy caps and ice and snow related things to do. It is a perfect place to view the Northern lights and also go for skiing, dog sledging and reindeer sleighing. The country can be accessed by air using affordable and reliable flights that transverse their skies offering certain perks. These airlines have come a long way to offer these services with great histories and advantages. One of the major airlines, which is also perhaps the biggest airline in Iceland is Iceland Air

Iceland Air

iceland airThis airline has come a long way to establish its interest in the world of tourism and transportation. They have also emerged top with award winning qualities including the top marketing firm. In the year 2012 it was hit by a major crisis where the Eyjafjallajokull erupted grounding the flights at a crucial summer time. Their assessment made and allowed them to recuperate from this mess efficiently. The airline now has 3 classes including the economy, economy comfort class and the saga class which equals the business class.

They also offer cheap flights that have made them a preferred choice to Iceland. Some of their crafts are state of the art with lean back seat options and touch screen options supporting free in-flight entertainment and kids programming. They also have added to their Boeing class from the 700 to 2oo and 300 series with a full glass cockpit view.

Their improvement and support for their clients including their in-flight magazine that is produced 4 times a year has been topnotch keeping them ahead of the game. Iceland Air has jumped hurdles making them a company that is still making waves and has the potential to grow leaps and bounds.

This is a new airline that made its first flight to Paris in 2012 on the 31st of May. The main target of WOW airlines is low cost flights which were received with much enthusiasm. This airline has become Iceland’s only low budget carrier which gives it an edge to grow exponentially. It has 15 destination points which are a part of its goals for the year. It is was the second low cost airline after the Iceland Express but bought the Iceland Express out and is now the leading low cost airline in Iceland with improved service and aircrafts.

The trend of the airline is yet to be seen as it is still fairly new in the market. It also is attempting to fuse fun and interesting features in its activities to draw more customers which might just work for them as a flight of choice for the young with low earnings and savings.

EasyJet Airlines
This is among the biggest airlines in Britain in terms of people flying every year. It flies 19 destinations with a knack for affordability their policy is making flights more affordable for the clients. Their biggest competitor is Ryanair which is about 7okm from the city. They have a large fleet and certain policies that have kept them ahead. Others have also hit a snag with cases that have been raised about them due to their poor refund policies and support. This was inline with the disability act. The airline is definitely changing trend with their aircrafts coming ore styled to offer affordable comfort. Their orange colored theme is hard to miss. Easyjet will not offer meals for shorter flights but longer flights. They are also getting more environmentally inclined as they announce building an eco-friendly plane that increases energy use efficiency and combines it with effective material use. It also has a knack of operating one aircraft model. It started with the 737 Boeing and now operates the Airbus A319 and many more. They have phased out all their Boeings and maintained the Airbus models.

Scandinavian Airlines
Also known as the SAS, the airline was founded in 1949 and is now the 8th largest European airline. The airline has grown exponentially to be one of the major carriers in Iceland. The most amazing fact about them is that they were the founding members of the Star Alliance which was a network of topnotch airlines in the world. This has kept them top on the list of the airlines in Europe for decades. They are now entering the slim body aircraft which is the new breed of aircraft engineering. They also had to cut cost due to the introduction of the low cost airliners. Their flight includes the Boeing and the airbus models. The Boeings 737 classics are being replaced now with the Boeing 737NGs and this expected to be done by 2014. They have a commitment to development and quality with some of the best looking planes in the market. Their customer and in-flight service is fused with Scandinavian qualities and service that have also made them a great airline to use to and from Iceland.

Norwegian Airline
This is the ninth largest European airline. They are a low budget airline with one f the biggest turnovers when it comes to passengers and returns. The come after the Scandinavian Airlines and offer flights to Iceland. They are a freestanding Airline in that they are not in any Alliance though this has not deterred them fro making the best out of the situation. The company as a low cost airline operate its aircrafts with an all economy feature seating style. Extra charges are charged for foods and drinks ordered onboard. This is done by credit cards and other non core methods and services. They are a great option when it comes to flying to Iceland and spending a reasonable amount while at it.

Delta Airlines
This is one of America’s busiest airlines. The airline operates to Iceland and other major destinations. It operates more than 700 planes from Boeing to the Airbus A330. It also has the largest fleet of MD88 and MD90s. it was also one of the last airline to operate the original Boeing 737-200 models. It operates all classes with an elite business class with complementary meals, alcoholic beverages and refreshments. They also have state of the art features like reclining seats and touch screens with an aisle view which is used for top notch comfort. Their economy classes are also affordable with good services which have been their hallmark for decades
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