Great wonders of Ring road – Route 1

Ring road Iceland

Route one is commonly known as the ring road. This is an 830 mile (1.339 kilometers) road which takes you right around the beautiful coast of Iceland. If you are in a great mood for adventure, you can hire a vehicle and have a personal exploration of the area. However, it is good to make use of the tour groups and guides because you will not miss a single sight around the amazing highway Iceland.

Ring road

The best time to travel ring road is in early spring . This is because the days are not just a flash of light between night and night or continuous and inexorable like the summer times when the sun does not set. Furthermore, there are few tourists hence you will not see them flooding the city and clustering around the major attractions of the ‘golden circle’.

Ring road Iceland

Once you travel out of the city and go into the countryside, you will see a wilderness that is so barren and lovely. The area is crafted by glacial slides, volcanic eruptions and is not ruined by civilization. You will see snow capped mountains that share the same horizon with black sand beaches and jagged cliffs. As you go around each bend on the ring road route, you will always encounter a new surprise. Furthermore, the weather conditions are just as different and beautiful as the setting.
Along the road you will see mud pools and volcanic craters of Namaskard and Leirhnjukur. You can climb up the craters of the volcano some of which have steam rising up from the lava below. You can also stare at the bright blue lake which fills the crater. You will also see bubbling mud pools which are a great site however, they have a powerful, unpleasant smell of sulfur.

The Iceland waterfalls are uniquely beautiful. Ensure that you visit Gulfoss (part of golden circle Iceland), which is the most prominent waterfall that is about 70km deviation off the ring road Iceland. You should also check out the Skogafoss waterfall, which is 105km east of Selfoss town and the Dettifoss water tower that is in Northern Iceland east of Reykjahlid.

You can also go for a glacier expedition in south east Iceland over Vatnajokull. This is the largest glacier in Europe and you can take a jeep or snowmobile across it in order to appreciate its size. You can stay at some of the hotels that have glacier-view-rooms so that you can check out the great sights over the glacier.

Ensure that you drive to the Geysir (part of golden circle Iceland). This region was named after a geyser, which has been inactive ever since the 1960s. You will also see the Strokkur which is a smaller geyser a few steps from the major one. The Strokkur has spurting jets of water and steam that reaches thirty meters into the air and the geyser erupts after every five minutes.

 – The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is also part of the great circle and is quite touristy. The Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to go to after driving route 1. The open air healthy spa in the countryside is a great way for any traveler to unwind after a very long drive. Sinking your body in the steaming turquoise pools is an ultimate way to end the trip. The amazing myriad rivers, glacier waterfalls, volcanoes and lakes that are on highway Iceland will not disappoint you.

Author Kristinsson Th.


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