Iceland travel guide – Museums and Wildlife

Iceland travel guide

This alternative Iceland travel guide is intended to let you see that there really is more to this island than simply checking out various volcanoes and geysers that are scattered across this wild and wonderful island. What follows are some of the other places you should consider trying to check out during your vacation in Iceland and some examples of the places you can stay in during your time in the country.

Iceland travel – Reykjavik

The chances are you will first arrive in Reykjavik, which is the capital and the biggest city on the entire island. Reykjavik is situated on the west of the island, but it is a fantastic place to base yourself at when exploring what the rest of the island has to offer. This is the city where you will get the best hotels and there are several that will be more than adequate no matter the budget you have set yourself.

In order to get decent Iceland hotels in your Iceland travel, you are best to look at spending around $50+ a night and this is going to get you in the middle of the city and you are looking at a comfortable three star hotel. If you are willing to pay around $100, then you can get a good four star, but there are more expensive options out there should you wish to live in some luxury during your stay in your Iceland travel.

Getting around the country is very easy and you are advised to look at hiring a car and it is quite difficult to get lost as there is one main road that circles the entire island. This road is called the Route 1-Ring Road and it will take you to all of the main towns and cities in next to no time. Do just remember that in Iceland you must wear your seat belt at all times and also have your headlights on at all times as this is set out in Icelandic law.

So what kind of sights should you check out during your stay there? This does depend upon the time of year you will be visiting the island, but if you are there during the summer, then one of the key tourist attractions is always whale watching. You will find tours leaving from both Reykjavik and Husavik, but do look at booking your ticket in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

If wildlife is your thing, then do also try and get to the islands of Lundey and Flatey as they are covered in various birds and especially puffins. You may be able to combine visiting them with the whale watching expedition so look into this before booking.

Iceland travelIt is always nice to check out the history of a place and the best way to do this in Iceland is to visit several of the museums that are scattered around the island. The National Museum is in Reykjavik itself and this is going to really tell you the story of the country including its Norse heritage and how the country has developed into how it is today and you should also visit the Viking Museum in order to learn more. Other museums include one linked to the phallus, but clearly this is only for adults, but if you have children with you and if museums are not their thing, then the Family Garden and Zoo is certainly something else to check out as are the Botanical Gardens.

If you are there in winter, then it may also be worth traveling to the north of the island and check out Akureyri as this offers you the chance to do some snow hiking and skiing, but do not expect it to be like the Swiss Alps as that is certainly not the case. If you are going there in winter, then do remember to have the correct clothing as the temperatures are going to drop and you will find a lot of ice and snow surrounding you for a few months at a time.

Iceland travel – final words

Hopefully this Iceland travel guide has indeed opened your eyes to what is available in the country to keep you entertained even if geology and the way that the world works is not quite your thing. The country is fascinating and the people are extremely warm and welcoming and there is no doubt that you will love your stay there no matter how many nights you plan on booking as there are literally hundreds of things to see and do when visiting Iceland.

Author Kristinsson Th.

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