Three days in Reykjavik


Are your weekends getting a little too drudging? Are you aching to delve into some unforgettable treat in an incredibly attractive town in Iceland? Then Reykjavik is your ultimate destination. This cosmopolitan town boasts spectacular scenery, which I must say, blends incredibly with the Nordic blue sky. How do you get to Reykjavik? What does Reykjavik have to offer?
Getting to Reykjavik from the airport- There are often a substantial number of coaches at the airport, and they’ll take you to Reykjavik, and if you please, to a Reykjavik hotel.

Get in touch with Reykjavik’s nature

If you are a nature enthusiast, then you’ll love what Reykjavik’s nature has to offer apart from whale watching, horse riding and hiking. The Reykjavik domestic animal zoo, husdyragardurinn, has the best of Iceland’s domestic animals, and wild animals alike such as seals and reindeer. Whether you are a staunch animal enthusiast or you’re really not an animal lover; this Reykjavik zoo is definitely worth a visit.

Explore Iceland’s art and culture

Reykjavik houses a substantial number of stunning and intriguing museums including the Reykjavík Art Museum, National Gallery of Iceland, Harpa Maritime Museum, Reykjavík City Museum (Arbaejarsfn), the culture House and many more. These museum host pretty thrilling historical artifacts, attractive pieces of art, intriguing archeological ruins, spectacular medieval manuscripts and fascinating exhibitions that are worth a visit.

Outdoor Geothermal swimming pools

A long weekend in Reykjavik isn’t worth it if you don’t dive into the hot waters and enjoy the breathtaking steam baths. Visit one of the beautiful swimming pools including Laugardalslaug, Árbæjarlaug, Sundhöllin, Vesturbæjarlaug and Nautholsvík Thermal Beach.

Reykjavik nightlife

Reykjavik bars and nightlife- Apart from unwinding in a hot tub at night, you can delve into Reykjavik’s nightlife. The weekends are pretty much wild and party raging, and if you desire to party, unwind and dance all night, then vikReykja’s nightlife will not disappoint.

Shopping in Reykjavik

Reykjavik houses the Laugavegur Street, which is actually the major shopping street in the vibrant city. The Laugavegur Street has it all: Funky boutiques, intriguing souvenir and craft shops, music and even bookstores, all of which host both Iceland and international culture.

Hofdi House

This beautiful house is renowned as the destination to a historical event that practically ended the Cold War. Hofdi house boasts its unique and pretty intriguing architecture, and it still stands strong and even houses official and municipal meetings. A look at the Hofdi house and a stroll around its waterfront are definitely worth the visit.

Solfar Sunny Voyager sculpture

This striking and intriguing sculpture sits on the waterfront near the convention center. Guess what! You can climb this beautiful sculpture, and the view is just stunning. Don’t forget to capture those sculpture moments, particularly during sunset.


Perlan is not just any sophisticated restaurant as it rests on a hill. Yes, a hill! The view is fantastic, the food is delicious, mostly fish-based cuisines and yes, it’s worth a visit.
Hallgrims church- This beautiful church towers over the town on top of a hill. This church boats beautiful architecture, and yes, you must see this!
Author Kristinsson Th.

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