Travel to Iceland – Natural Beauty

Icelands traveller. Travel to Iceland

The country of Iceland is filled with natural beauty from their magnificent culture and their picturesque views that’ll leave you breathless. For people looking to travel to Iceland, you won’t be disappointed no matter which city you choose to stay in. Every bit of the country has something that everyone will love whether you’re looking for an exciting nightlife, beautiful views or if you’re just looking to learn a little bit about the culture.

Natural Beauty – Travel to Iceland

The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Iceland. Though it is man made, the natural minerals that are in the water leave you with a refreshed and energized feeling that you won’t get at any regular spa. Even if the spa treatment isn’t your thing, the beauty of the geothermal pool which is kept at a warm 104 degrees is absolutely miraculous, fitting right into Iceland’s natural landscape.

Travel to Iceland

The Northern Lights
The Aurora Borealis is a breathtaking phenomenon that takes place Continue reading

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Great wonders of Ring road – Route 1

Ring road Iceland

Route one is commonly known as the ring road. This is an 830 mile (1.339 kilometers) road which takes you right around the beautiful coast of Iceland. If you are in a great mood for adventure, you can hire a vehicle and have a personal exploration of the area. However, it is good to make use of the tour groups and guides because you will not miss a single sight around the amazing highway Iceland.

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Iceland winter, Spring, Summer And Autumn

Why Iceland is the Best Travel Destination

You have heard about magic, haven’t you?

Are you aware that seven out of every ten people find it hard to decide a travel destination for their holiday? The world offers a wide choice of places for holiday and many people are usually confused about where to go.
It is during this time that people will start looking for travel magazines and reviews, to try and identify a perfect place for hanging out. That should not be a big deal, anyway. Have you ever been to Iceland? Well, simply put, do you know why Iceland is rated among the best places for holiday?

Iceland is situated in the North Atlantic

It is an island north-west of the UK and close to Greenland’s eastern coast. It is home to some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, and stunningly desolate landscape. One of the most crucial factors that most people check before traveling is the climate. The climate here is just of the best. It presents a lot of different experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Continue reading

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Iceland Air | Air Iceland | Wow Air | Flight To Iceland Review

Iceland Air – Flight to Iceland Review

Iceland Air, Air Iceland, Delta, Wow Air, Easy Jet, Norwegian, SAS

Iceland is among the biggest tourist destinations in Europe. It is popular for its icy caps and ice and snow related things to do. It is a perfect place to view the Northern lights and also go for skiing, dog sledging and reindeer sleighing. The country can be accessed by air using affordable and reliable flights that transverse their skies offering certain perks. These airlines have come a long way to offer these services with great histories and advantages. One of the major airlines, which is also perhaps the biggest airline in Iceland is Iceland Air Continue reading

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University of Iceland

University of Iceland – Top Three

According to the 2012 Web Ranking in regards to the top universities in Iceland, there are seven schools which are ranked as the bests in the country. These schools showed academic excellence and gave satisfaction to its local, international and distant students. The top three universities on the list include; 3. University of Akureyri 2. Reykjavik University and 1. University of Iceland.

If you are planning to study to one of these schools or just plainly looking for information, here are quick overviews about these universities. There reviews are according to the schools’ recent offers, historical as well as statistical facts. Continue reading

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Iceland currency- All you need to know about currency of Iceland

Iceland currency

Iceland’s currency is called the Krona , (plural kronur). Iceland is a rich country. The Krona is at times abbreviated as ISK. The country’s coins come in 1,10,50 and 100 denominations, while notes can be found in denominations of 5000kr,2000kr, 1000kr, and 500kr. Historical sources explain that Krona was subdivided into 100 aurar even though the division is no longer in use.
The word ‘krona’ means ‘crown’. This currency is believed to have some relations with several other Nordic currencies like the currencies of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
It should be remembered that Iceland is not a member of EU (European Union) and therefore it doesn’t use the euro. The currency is entirely managed by the central bank of Iceland and that is why its value in terms of other currencies is said to be volatile.

Tips on getting the best rates if you are new to Iceland
As a result of the fact that other currencies are not easily acceptable in Iceland, it is good to have some information about how to obtain acceptable currencies so that inconveniences can be evaded.
If you plan to visit Iceland, Continue reading

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