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University of Iceland – Top Three

According to the 2012 Web Ranking in regards to the top universities in Iceland, there are seven schools which are ranked as the bests in the country. These schools showed academic excellence and gave satisfaction to its local, international and distant students. The top three universities on the list include; 3. University of Akureyri 2. Reykjavik University and 1. University of Iceland.

If you are planning to study to one of these schools or just plainly looking for information, here are quick overviews about these universities. There reviews are according to the schools’ recent offers, historical as well as statistical facts.

1. University of Iceland – Founded in 1911

University of IcelandFounded in 1911, this school, University of Iceland is the oldest institution in Iceland. University of Iceland is located in Reykjavik and is both an urban and suburban campus. It currently has 14, 000 students which both from the local areas, exchange students and individuals who went to the country to study at the mentioned school.
The Univeristy of Iceland has over 1,200 admins and eleven faculties. The 11 faculties in the campus have hundred of courses to choose from. The school covers many subjects and taught different academic lessons to its thousands of students. Subjects taught at this university are focused on natural sciences, engineering, medicine, humanities, social sciences and teacher education.

Inside the university of Iceland you will find over sixty research centers. The most notable research institutes of the University of Iceland are the; Institute of Earth Sciences, Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies, Social Science Research Institute and Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages. All of these research institutes are globally recognized and are involved in many worldwide studies.
The University of Iceland is globally known for its rapidly and diversified developing campus. The school is the sole university in Iceland that offers both postgraduate and undergraduate programmes at all major academic fields.

Every year, hundreds of students would enroll at this school and the number is still growing. There are also international students who would migrate to do their schooling at the University of Iceland. The communities inside this school is made of multidimensional and vibrant people. You will find different types of ethnicity here. In this campus, whether you are an Asian or British, and regardless of where you came from, it is always easy to seek place where you belong. Also, the school has numbers of international guest scientists and professors who will teach students according to their specific fields of studies.

As mentioned, this university has a few multidisciplinary masters’ programs on which most of those programs are focused in the field of environmental sciences and health. The campus also offers studies which numbers range to over a hundred sixty undergraduate programs. Postgraduate studies at the University of Iceland are offered by faculties, on which the lessons are typically research-based but is not fully exclusive.

2. Reykjavik University

Located in Reykjavik, this school is currently the largest private university in Iceland. The school was founded back in 1988 and it was at first called as “The Commercial College of Iceland”. It remained its name for a decade. It was in 2000 when the school changed its name to Reykjavik University and up to the present time, it still held the same name.

Reykjavik University focuses on connecting the gaps in between knowledge and its application as well as business and technology. At Reykjavik University, students receive standardize academic lessons and learn from their on-campus practical experiences. This school is an international university known for its high standards when it comes to teaching, management and research. The university’s vibrant culture and natural beauty continue to capture many students’ hearts, hence it is ranked as one of the best schools in Iceland.

Reykjavik University has more than five hundred employees, on which most of the professors came from over twenty six different countries. The university has three thousand students and the school is currently made of four academic schools. These academic schools are the; School of Science and Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Business and School of Law. The university is fully bilingual, using Icelandic and English. Reykjavik University also accepts exchange students who qualified their requirements.

3. University Of Akureyri

Set at the heart of North Iceland, University of Akureyri has been around since 1987. Despite of the fact that the school is too young, this university has gained its own tradename and is one of the most reputable schools in Iceland. The campus is known for its good industrial relations and academic excellence. Students on this school are prepared for real-world opportunities both on the public and private sectors. Education provided by the school is taught with applied scientific methods on which aim to upgrade the students’ skills excellency.

The university has five research institutions; (1) Fisheries Centre, (2) School Development Centre of University of Akureyri’s Faculty of Education, (3) Institute of Health and Science Research (4) The Research and Development Centre and (5) The Iceland Tourism Research Centre.

If you are a student at the University of Akureyri, you will have access to communicate with the campus’ counselor. The counselor will help students when it comes to giving advises to both of their private and study lives. The counseling services are also provided to groups in instances where students need to improve their study techniques and skills. The counselor is also responsible to assist the student when it comes to choosing the courses to study.

The first library on the University of Akureyri was open in 1988. Two months after that, they opened their Student Centre. The first class to graduate was 10 industrial management students in 1989. The first master degree students in this school graduated in 2000.

Today, this school is the leading provider of distance education in Iceland. The campus is also open to exchange students. Although, free movers will not be accepted on the campus. There will be a bilateral agreement in between the student’s home institution and the University of Akureyri. When enrolling at the school as an international exchange student, one is suggested to seek help the school’s counselor in regards to concerns about course choices as well as for the sake of personal counseling.
Author Kristinsson Th.

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