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Car Rental Iceland review

So you wanted to obtain a car rental service in Iceland. Yet, you are unsure where to rent a car. Good thing that you came across on this review article. Read on as we talk about few vehicle rental providers around Iceland.

The following are car rental Iceland service providers.

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Holdur – Europcar
On their 45 years of services, there is no doubt why Europcar is tagged as one of the best car rental Iceland. Europcar has more than 2300 vehicles and has 15 rental branches around Iceland. Choose from their wide options of 4×4 vehicles, luxury cars, cargo vans, campers, motorhomes, minibusses and passenger cards. Wherever you are in Iceland surely, Europcar can give you the vehicle that you needed. Moreover, they provide personal and superior customer service to each of their clients. This company also has ISO9001 and ISO140001 quality and environmental standards certifications. Continue reading

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