The Top 5 Natural Wonders of Iceland

Honestly there are lot more places and wonders then only these five. But here are some of my favorite.

Thingvellir National Park

Considered as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Iceland, this vast historic landscape was home to the Althingi – an open-air assembly established in 930 AD that gathered the whole if Iceland. Today, Thingvellir has become one of the most beautiful places in the country, giving its guests spectacular scenery of the massive national park that includes the Thingvallavatn, which is Iceland’s largest natural lake. If you value history, culture, and unspoilt nature, the Thingvellir National Park is a definite must to visit on your trip to Iceland.

Snaefellsjokull Glacier

Once you’re settled in the capital of Reykjavik, you must definitely spare a day to hike a part of the Snaefellsjokull glacier. On a clear day, the mountain can easily be seen from the city, though it’s a full 60 miles away. Dubbed as the king of Icelandic mountains, it became popular the world over after Jules Verne wrote a book called, The Journey to the Centre of the Earth – where the Centre can be reached through a caldera on the top of the mountain. Legend has it that the mountain itself has mystical powers. Find out for yourself and head your way to the mountain to get picturesque views of stunning moorlands, rivers, rock formations, meadows, and black sand beaches.


Iceland is known for having a number of active volcanoes, and there’s no better place to visit than Myvatn, which is the country’s 4th largest lake that is situated in an area of several active volcanoes. One of the most popular volcanoes is Mt. Hverfjall, which is an enormous crater that is hiked by many visitors. If you want to see the most famous lava formations in the area, visit Dimmuborgir for sights that are out of this world. Get to see an abundant number of fauna with birds and ducks in the geothermal area east of Namaskard, and watch rare species in this bizarre landscape.

The Blue Lagoon

A fantastic sight and an experience that you simply can’t pass up, bathe in the natural warm waters of the Blue Lagoon, with its magnificent aquamarine waters that are said to have curative powers. It’s definitely an experience to remember during winter, when the 40 degree Celsius waters give you warmth while snow is all around you. The fantastic yet strange natural color of the lake is due to the white Silica mud and blue green algae that form a light natural sediment on the bottom of the lagoon, giving the waters an opaque and ghostly color which can’t be found anywhere else.


And lastly, you can never say you’ve been to Iceland if you haven’t witnessed the magnificent sprouts of The Great Geyser and the Strokkur. Definitely one of the greatest natural attractions in Iceland, they erupt a jet of boiling water that reach up to 80 meters high, even up to 120 meters, which was the Great Geyser’s highest recorded height. The Great Geyser has slowly decreased its activity for the past years but earthquake activity revives its splendor. The Strokkur is more active, which erupts ever 5 to 20 minutes.

There are more natural wonders of Iceland that you simply can’t overlook when you visit this country. Its spectacular unspoilt and protected parks and natural attractions will surely give you a look into earth as it was millions of years ago.
Author Kristinsson Th.

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