Weather in Iceland

Weather in Iceland – Reykjavik weather

The Icelandic climate is temperate and its weather is cool. The warm current from the North Atlantic region makes it a place with a higher temperature as compared to other countries of the world having same latitude. The summers in Iceland are cool while the winters are mild and windy. The active nature of the volcanoes in Iceland should be kept in mind due to its unique geological position.

The climate of the different parts of Iceland varies with the south coast being a little wetter, windier and warmer. In the north of Iceland snowfall is common. The weather of Iceland creates unique weather phenomena due to seasonal change in the length of day and night.
In mid-winter darkness prevails as there is no sunlight. The days and night of darkness are popularly known as The Polar Nights. The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is another perfect weather occurrence worth viewing.
During mid of summer there is no night darkness as daylight takes over. This is popularly known as Midnight Sun.

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